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Welcome to Stairlifts Plus - Taylor, Michigan

Your journey in finding a disabled stair lift has ended. We can help you find the chair lift you need.Our aim is to be the best stair lift providers in Michigan. We have vast experience in supplying and installing stairlifts up and down the country. Fitting stair lifts in a house ensures the customer can safely negotiate the stairs worry free.

Types of Stairlifts We Supply & Fit in Taylor, Michigan

Whilst working within the US stair lift market over the last number of years we have built up a vast knowledge of the niche that we can pass onto our customers. We appreciate that every customer has different needs and requirements. Our stair lifts enable our company to install lifts in the most difficult staircase configurations. We work with our clients to provide the best solution in getting a disabled stair lift. We provide very competitive prices for supply and installation.


Straight Stairlifts Taylor, MI

Straight stairlifts are the most common type we install in Taylor, MI. These are the ones installed on straight staircases. It is bolted directly onto the stairs and has a straight track. If your staircase has a landing or a turn in it you will need a curved stair lift.

Curved Stairlifts Taylor, MI

Stairlift tracks are designed and created for each individual staircase. Because of this curved stair lifts are more expensive that the straight option. A straight stairway lift will suffice if the user can manage the last few steps themselves. A curved stair chair is needed if they can’t get to the top of the landing unassisted.


Stair lift Company Taylor, Michigan

Some of our customers decide to go for an rental
option rather than a stairlift purchase. Quite often the journey up and down the stairs can be very unsafe and unstable. Others are recovering from an operation or injury and need one for a few months. You could need one if you are coming out of hospital soon and won’t be in any condition to traverse the stairs.


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Getting reconditioned stair lifts is the most cost effective way of installing a stair lift chair in your home. We are experts in locating and reconditioning stairlifts to install in your home. We test all our reconditioned stair lifts by putting them through a comprehensive 50 point factory test. This ensures the stair lift we install complies to all current industry standards.

No matter your location around Michigan call us to book a free site survey an consultation. We are here to pass along our decades’ worth of knowledge in the stair lift industry. If you are going private or are applying for a grant, call us today. We have worked with Taylor, Michigan agencies for years so we know the procedures inside out.


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Do you procrastinate as you get frustrated that your list of things to do is more and then can’t get up the stairs?

Does the extra assist you to supply your elderly parent or dependent seem too dangerous and overwhelming when it comes to following them down and up the stairs?

Here at Stairlifts Plus , we realize that making home modifications may appear out of the inquiry, as it seems impossible or unaffordable. Staff and our professional installers simplify the method of staying mobile for the elderly, disabled, or briefly wounded residents of Michigan.

Some individuals might require to climb up and down the stairs many times throughout the day, and for those who are physically disabled, this is a challenging task. For these special individuals, a stair lift can be a life saver as it will make sure that they are safely transferred up and down the stairs, no matter how numerous times they want to.

ThyssenKrupp, Access, and Savaria are some of the world class makers of stairlifts. Those who require to purchase stairlifts can contact these dealerships for picking and purchasing stairlifts from various designs and brands.

A curved-stair-lift is one that is custom-made made to fit a staircase according to the precise measurements. As opposed to straight stair-lifts, which can be fitted on any staircase, curved-stair-lifts are made to fit a curved-stair lift and a specific staircase being used in someone’s home can not be utilized on any other staircase.

The smoothness of the stair lift during operation is also a considerable aspect. The lift must start and stop its movement smoothly, and need to not jerk. The stair lift ought to move on the rail smoothly so that there is no discomfort.

While Local Stair Lifts had actually been reconstructing other business’s stair chairs, they had become alarmed by the variety of style flaws in these products. By producing their own, they were able to guarantee high levels of safety and reliability. Their goal was to supply a stair lift that was simple to install, basic to utilize, and required little upkeep. The outcome was the Regional SuperStair chair, which continues to be among their most popular items.

You can find additional designs which are designed for wall mounting. They can also easily be set up both outside and within your house. With straight stairways, the stair lifts are easier to set up compared to the curved stairways-as you could perhaps imagine. Quickly numerous various models offered, they are frequently personalized as well accordingly towards the choices from the users and of the scenario. While utilizing proper setup, the potential for loss of accidents just like slipping and falling down will likely be avoided enormously. While utilizing many features that house stair lifts have to provide you such as sensing units, seat armrests, footrests and belts, the safety and convenience can be valued.

Only then can a real objective contrast be made. Let us study these two designs of lifts completely before getting into, who is better and why. The stair lift has been more common than the wheel chair vertical platform lift and for that reason more people will understand what precisely a stair lift is.

In order to suit the various configurations of staircases like straight, curved and spiral, wheelchair stair lifts are available in a wide range of models such as portable wheelchair lifts, inclined platform lifts, vertical platform lifts, and so on. For buying wheelchair stair lifts you can depend on prominent dealerships. They will assist you to pick the best design that best fits your specifications and also use trouble-free setup and upkeep services. It is best to buy items from top quality makers to make sure toughness and trouble totally free functioning. Visit the websites of numerous dealers, compare their service terms, pricing, and other information before selecting a dealer. Opt for a dealer that is developed with numerous years service. You can also ask somebody who has actually currently purchased a wheelchair lift to advise a great dealer.

Electric stair lifts are a cost-effective ease of access service. When preparing to buy stair lifts, examine your availability requirements, the level of disability of the intended user, and the configuration of the stairway, the different models of electrical stair lifts, security choices and prices. Attempt to buy electrical stair lifts from a trusted dealership to ensure expert setup, prompt inspection and maintenance services.

Due to the intricacy and variety of stairwells straight stairlifts are the most convenient for companies to lease. If your staircase is curved, indicating a straight run with no landings or curvature, you might have difficulty finding a rental stair lift. Renting two lifts is a possibility if your stairs are straight with a landing in between but then you may be looking at higher payments.

A home stair lift can give someone back their home and independence. But stair lift rates can be extremely high and beyond the reach of lots of. Some stair lift producers make loan by selling their items that have ‘numerous functions’. Having a myriad of functions may be great for some individuals however numerous who really require a stair lift have a very small budget. specializes in making no-fuss low-cost stair lifts that are trustworthy.

The quality of life of the elderly and the physically challenged members of a home can be improved greatly by installing a house elevator. Now these members require not restrict their motions to one particular floor only. They can access all the floorings easily.

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