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Welcome to Stairlifts Plus - Livonia, Michigan

If you are looking for a stair chair lift you have come to the right place. We specialize in supplying and fitting stairlifts in Livonia, MI homes. We strive to provide the best residential lift installation service in Michigan. Our team of installation experts have helped countless people improve their mobility by fitting stair lifts. Once a mobility stair lift is installed in a home the daily task of climbing up and down the stairs is much safer.

Types of Stairlifts We Supply & Fit in Livonia, Michigan

Over the years we have attained great experience and knowledge of the stair chair market in America. We have a lot of experience and knowledge of the US stairlift market. We know each and every customer has different requirements and circumstances. We possess stairlifts that have features to enable to most difficult stairway chair lift fittings. We have stairlifts to match your budget. Our supply and fittings costs are very reasonable.


Straight Stairlifts Livonia, MI

The most common stairway chair lift we install in the Michigan is the straight type. This type is installed on straight staircases. This is the most cost effective deal as the track is straight with no turns and can be fixed onto the stairs. You will need a stairlift if your staircase turns or has a landing area.

Curved Stairlifts Livonia, MI

If you need a curved electric stair lift installed the track will be made to order for your staircase. For this reason curved stairlifts are of higher cost than straight stair lifts. So if possible try and get a straight one installed if the user can negotiate a few stairs at the turn. If it’s not possible then you will need to have a curved staircase lift fitted.


Stair lift Company Livonia, Michigan

We have the option to hire a stair lift for a short period rather than buy it outright. Many find the stairs too difficult to safely negotiate multiple times every day.You may need one for a short period if recovering from an
injury or a hospital stay. We have had customers request one for the Christmas period when they had relatives staying with them.


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The most cost effective way of getting a stairway chair lift in your home is to opt for a reconditioned one. We specialize in supplying and installing reconditioned stair lifts. Every reconditioned home stair lift we install has passed industry standards and a thorough factory check. This ensuring all our stairlifts comply with safety and industry standards prior to installation.

No matter your location around Michigan call us to book a free site survey an consultation. If you are interested in scheduling a free in home stair lift audit to determine which type will fit your staircase. No matter if you’re applying for a Medicare Grant from the government or going private, call today. We help our customers apply for a grant in conjunction with local government.



Livonia, Michigan Gallery

Do you procrastinate as you get frustrated that your list of things to do is more and then can’t get up the stairs?

Does the extra assist you to supply your elderly parent or dependent seem too dangerous and overwhelming when it comes to following them down and up the stairs?

Here at Stairlifts Plus , we realize that making home modifications may appear out of the inquiry, as it seems impossible or unaffordable. Staff and our professional installers simplify the method of staying mobile for the elderly, disabled, or briefly wounded residents of Michigan.

The price of a wheelchair stair lift from Lifts – or from any other company – is going to be pricey. An onsite evaluation is required before the cost can be offered.i

You can likewise choose whether you desire a used or brand-new stair lift. Utilized choices, which have actually been reconditioned, can save you a lot of cash. Utilized models can not be used on a curved staircase because of the requirement for personalization. Whichever stair lift you pick to buy in the end, you must be sure that it fits your requirements in every method.

A routine stair lift consists of a chair that moves along a track. The track is constantly mounted on the stair tread and not on the wall. A likely wheelchair stair lift includes a platform that moves along a track. The track is constantly mounted on the wall because of size and weight factors to consider. The platform of a wheelchair unit is significantly larger than the seat of a traditional model therefore the stairs must be wide.

Having a DC battery backup is something you actually need if you are running an Air Conditioning electrical lift. If you lose power for whatever reason you will still have a lift that is functional. If you do not have one and the power goes out, that’s something you will not have.

There is no doubt that a stair lift can be a wonderful property in any house where you or an enjoyed one has issues with movement. Possibly the time has come to look into having among your own set up in your own home. Next, go to this site at stair lifts where you will discover details and suggestions on all kinds of house stair and chair lifts.

Wanting to conserve money is maybe one of the most common reasons to buy an item used and stair lifts are no exception. A reputable dealership completely examines and reconditions all used stair lifts prior to they leave the storage facility. You can save a substantial amount of money by purchasing an utilized stair lift, however guarantee that you do so from a respectable dealer, because risking your health is never worth saving a couple of dollars.

Choose the design of your stair lift. Select one that matches the remainder of the stair case location one of the most. Possibly you could even get the seller to upholster it in the very same fabric as the rest of your furniture.

Today, you are easily able to discover secondhand chair lift for stairs through the online shops. You may save from several hundreds of dollars to thousands of dollars according to the design, type, configuration as well as age of the chair lift for stairs.

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