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Your journey in finding a chair lift has ended. We can help you find the stair lift chair you need.We aim to be the best stairlift company serving Michigan. Our aim is to be the most reliable and reactive stairlift installers in the Great Lakes State. We strive to be the best at stair chair lift installation in Flint, MI. Our team of installation experts have helped countless people improve their mobility by fitting stair lifts. Once a electric stair lift is installed in a home the daily task of climbing up and down the stairs is much safer.

Types of Stairlifts We Supply & Fit in Flint, Michigan

Whilst working within the US chair lift market over the last number of years we have built up a vast knowledge of the niche that we can pass onto our customers. We are aware that everyone has differing circumstances and requirements. Our stairlifts have a vast range of features that means they can be adapted to for the most difficult installations. We can accommodate you whatever your budget. Our supply and fittings costs are very reasonable.


Straight Stairlifts Flint, MI

The most popular stair chair lift we fit is one with a straight configuration. These are the ones installed on straight staircases. This is also the cheapest option as the rail required has no turns and can be bolted directly onto the stairs. If your staircase has a landing or a turn in it you will need a curved stair lift.

Curved Stairlifts Flint, MI

Stairlifts with a curve or bend will have a unique track especially designed for that staircase. This is why curved stairlifts are much more expensive than the straight kind. If the staircase lift user can handle the last few stairs themselves then a straight home stair lift is the much cheaper option. If not, you will need a curved stair chair lift to fully traverse the staircase.


Stair lift Company Flint, Michigan

We have the option to hire a stair chair lift for a short period rather than buy it outright. Quite often the journey up and down the stairs can be very unsafe and unstable. Some people just need one for a month or 2 while they’re recovering from a hospital visit or injury. You could need one if you are coming out of hospital soon and won’t be in any condition to traverse the stairs.


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Getting reconditioned stairlifts is the most cost effective way of installing a electric stair lift in your home. We are experts in locating and reconditioning stair lifts to install in your home. All our reconditioned stair lifts go through a rigorous 50 point factory check. This ensuring all our stairlifts comply with safety and industry standards prior to installation.

Wherever you are in Flint, MI call now to book a survey. We will advise on what type of stair lift is right for you. We strive to help all our customers, either if they are going for a grant or going private. We are here to assist you through the process of applying for the grant with local government.


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Do you procrastinate as you get frustrated that your list of things to do is more and then can’t get up the stairs?

Does the extra assist you to supply your elderly parent or dependent seem too dangerous and overwhelming when it comes to following them down and up the stairs?

Here at Stairlifts Plus , we realize that making home modifications may appear out of the inquiry, as it seems impossible or unaffordable. Staff and our professional installers simplify the method of staying mobile for the elderly, disabled, or briefly wounded residents of Michigan.

Just how much does a curved stair lift cost? It is slightly more pricey than a straight stair chair lift, but will certainly contribute to the worth of the structure and is the only option for a curved stairway. A curved stair lift is a fantastic help for physically disabled and aged individuals who wish to travel up a curved stairway in a multi-storied apartment or condo or office. A vast array of stair lifts for curved staircases is now available in the market to help individuals with disabilities and help improve their way of life.

Picture a winch connected to a platform that rests on wheels, and the wheels in turn lie on a rail. The rail is repaired on a slope. When the winch is triggered, the motor pulls the cable television, which in turn pulls the platform up the rail. To get the platform to decrease the rail the cable is released slowly. This is the main principle by which a stair lift works.

Before you go to an electric stair lift dealership, you want to be armed with all the information you can summon to prevent being talked into something you do not desire or something that wont in shape your situation completely. To start off with, its a good concept to check out at least three various companies selling electrical stair lifts. Get a feel for the company that you feel most comfortable and one that appear reliable.

Residential elevators have a vast array of advanced safety features making sure the safety and convenience of users. The significant security features used in house elevator systems will impress you. Best matched for outside and indoor functions, domestic house elevators are readily available in a wide variety of styles, with an option of attractive material and colors. While purchasing a domestic home elevator system, make sure that it has the following functions:

A standard stair lift provides a sense of independence and movement in addition to the flexibility to move to the person who is using so that they can go when they want and where they want. It likewise assists individuals who seem to have specific hips or leg issues or perhaps for our seniors. Some of them even have a wireless remote controls, call buttons and the most current versions likewise have obstruction sensors, these are just a few of the features that exist a basic stair lifts.

Stair lifts are important help devices for the handicapped. When we choose stair lift second hand units we should buy them from reliable sources. How do we do this?

Definitely by having some kind of stair lift in their house a disabled or elderly person will have the ability to maintain some sort of self-reliance in their life. But every one of the stair raises produced by makers of these devices will enable that individual to take a trip safely and easily up and down the stairs in their home.

When considering the installation expense, the charges for stair lifts for curved staircases is more given that many factors such as the total number of curves together with the angle of bends, length of the staircase, and labor charges are taken into account. In addition, stair lifts for curved staircases need more maintenance than their straight stair lift equivalents.

Curved and straight stair lifts are suitable for both indoor and outdoor usage. They assist to make any home or structure completely accessible for all. When power is changed off during evacuation of buildings, these lifts run on Air Conditioning but have battery backup for emergency situations. Suitable for both straight and winding staircases or for a numerous landing staircase, these stair lifts can be installed even in staircases with round corners or steep angles.

After you have actually discovered the design that you would desire to be utilizing on your home you will than require to find the best way to have it establish. The very first thing that you will need to do is to talk with the maker that you are purchasing the lift from. They may use you a special kit or they will install the straight stair chair lift for you.

Stair chair lifts are available for both outdoor and indoor use. Stair chair lifts for straight stairs, curved staircases and even complex stairways are now readily available in the market. Stair lifts are also known as chair lifts or stair gliders.

Many existing stair raises offered in the market are made with much sophisticated parts integrated with innovation. The systems may look complicated however they are simpler to use. There are numerous excellent brand names in the market. It is significant to make certain that you compare brand names with the same make.

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