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Welcome to Stairlifts Plus - Clinton Charter Township, Michigan

Your journey in finding a electric stair lift has ended. We can help you find the stair lift you need.We strive to provide the best mobility stair lift installation service in Michigan. For decades we have helped people improve their mobility by installing a stairlift in their home. By installing stair lifts we assist customers in accessing the whole house safely and with minimum fuss.

Types of Stairlifts We Supply & Fit in Clinton Charter Township, Michigan

Whilst working within the US curved stair lift market over the last number of years we have built up a vast knowledge of the niche that we can pass onto our customers. We know each and every client has differing requirements and needs. Our stairlifts have a vast range of features that means they can be adapted to for the most difficult installations. No matter your budget we have the stair lift for you. Our supply and fittings costs are very reasonable.


Straight Stairlifts Clinton Charter Township, MI

The most popular home stair lift we fit is one with a straight configuration. If you have a straight staircase you will need to get a straight stair lift. It is bolted directly onto the stairs and has a straight track. If your staircase has a landing or a turn in it you will need a curved stair lift.

Curved Stairlifts Clinton Charter Township, MI

Stairlift tracks are designed and created for each individual staircase. For this reason curved stairlifts are of higher cost than straight stairlifts. Depending on the residential lift users mobility, if they can negotiate the last few steps themselves, then a straight residential lift is doable. A curved stair chair is needed if they can’t get to the top of the landing unassisted.


Stair lift Company Clinton Charter Township, Michigan

There are many reasons why our customers decide to opt for a stairway chair lift rental or purchase. Many of our customers find the stairs in their home too difficult to climb. Whether you are getting older, recovering from an injury or failing knees and hips. You could need one if you are coming out of hospital soon and won’t be in any condition to traverse the stairs.


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You will save a fortune by getting a reconditioned residential stair lift. We specialize in sourcing and installing refurbished stair lifts so the customers doesn’t have to fork out many thousands on new stairlifts. A 50 point factory test is carried out on all of our reconditioned stairlifts we install. By doing this we make sure all safety regulations are adhered to before we carry out the installation.

For a free stairway lift quote call today to book. Don’t know what type of staircase you have, don’t worry, call us we can help. We strive to help all our customers, either if they are going for a grant or going private. We have worked in conjunction with local government in helping our customers apply for the grant.


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Do you procrastinate as you get frustrated that your list of things to do is more and then can’t get up the stairs?

Does the extra assist you to supply your elderly parent or dependent seem too dangerous and overwhelming when it comes to following them down and up the stairs?

Here at Stairlifts Plus , we realize that making home modifications may appear out of the inquiry, as it seems impossible or unaffordable. Staff and our professional installers simplify the method of staying mobile for the elderly, disabled, or briefly wounded residents of Michigan.

As you get old, life becomes very tough for a variety of reasons. Special needs can have impact on anybody, whether it’s permanent impairment or the issues that takes place with old age. The worst stage of old age is when we begin losing the ability to move and walk around without discomfort and support.

The primary purpose of a house elevator is to assist an elder, injured or handicap person to higher heights their third or second story in their houses. It likewise assists in moving heavy challenge a higher level. It tends to be of lower cost and complexity than a business elevator. While it can add value to your home, home elevators can have tailored interiors with glass, important stone and wood, and can offer state of the art technology with gear-less traction and variable speed.

Curved-stair-lifts are not just effective however are likewise have essentially constant speed and resolves movement problems for the handicapped people. There is likewise the truth that the setup expenses are not extremely high. If you’re questioning why curved stair-lifts are more costly than straight ones, it is since of the reality that they are personalized. In case of a curved stair-lift, the details of the measurements and shape of the staircase is taken and after that the stair lift is tailored appropriately, they deserve every penny, thinking about the advantages.

Electric stair lifts are an affordable ease of access option. When planning to purchase stair lifts, evaluate your ease of access requirements, the level of disability of the intended user, and the setup of the stairway, the various models of electric stair lifts, security options and rates. Attempt to buy electrical stair raises from a reputable dealership to make sure professional installation, timely inspection and upkeep services.

It can bring weighty loads on it, up to four hundred pounds, and you be able to also exercise this to shift items in between floors. No longer will you need to lug grave equipment up the stairs when you are refurbishing. You can now put those ownerships on the stair lift and have it bring the stack for you.

There are some individuals out there that are disabled and what this indicates it that there are also unique stairs for them that they can utilize in order to make sure they can get from one side of the building to the other. It appears that there are more and more such types of stairs lately developed, because the ones that are handicapped likewise want to go to shopping malls and shop.

The easy style of the stair lift makes it simple to set up, even somebody with fundamental DIY abilities is expected to be able to fit one, it is constantly advised that a customer never self-installs a stair lift.

And you also would wish to avoid waiting longer than three months between checks.

Overall, if you have an unstable power supply in your house you need to go for the DC powered chair lift. Being unable to move from one flooring to another for a long time is not a great experience. , if your power supply is steady nevertheless the more affordable AC option would most likely be your finest choice.

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